HANSAFILM has set itself the task of developing and producing fictional content. Both series and feature films are worked on and produced by us. In doing so, we regularly exchange information with our contacts abroad so as not to lose sight of the international relevance of our content.

HANSAFILM was founded by filmmaker Thorsten Wien. After graduating from the London Film School, his short films “Calus” and “Small Killing” were screened at international film festivals. From 2007 to 2009 Thorsten Wien spent in South Africa and was director of the acting department of the film school AFDA in Cape Town.

After returning to his hometown of Hamburg in 2009, in addition to founding the HANSAFILM he took over the supervisory board chairmanship of MOM United AG and the management of Visual Art Germany GmbH in 2010. He is currently working exclusively for the HANSAFILM, and never leaves an opportunity to give in to his teaching activities or also to work in front of the camera.

In recent years he was directed by Daniel Krauss in the film “Where It Hurts” opposite Antoine Monot Jr. and has been featured among other things as the main role of Paul Leinert in the film “Zerrumpelt Herz” at the International Film Festival of Venice 2014 and the Hofer Filmtage.